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Josh, Great Wall

"Following Josh" is the story of two men going in opposite directions while travelling together from China to Europe by rail. It is my memoir of changing from a twenty-something kid into a married adult, and an amusing travelogue about the countries, castles, and cultures I encountered. The story is set upon the Trans Mongolian Railroad, Trans Siberian Railroad, and Euro Rail...and every wide spot and dive bar between Beijing and Munich.

In the summer of 2007, I left my childhood home in St. Louis on a flight to Seoul, Korea, to meet a highschool friend I hadn't seen in years. Josh Vise was just finishing his first year teaching in Korea, and thought it was time to come back to St. Louis to begin his post-wandering-years life. My journey was vaguely arranged to end in New York City, with my fiancee and a job waiting. We were going in two different directions--out into the world, and back home from it--on the same trip.

That people you haven't seen in years change is obvious; the question is how...and the conflict comes when you treat the same old person you've always know, the way you've always treated them.

That didn't work out too well...

So against the backdrop of Tiananmen Square and the filthy streets of Ulaan Bator, in thumping Russian discotheques and Belorussian border shakedowns, this is the story of Josh and I discovering ourselves and each other anew...and rewriting the nature of our friendship.

It's also a humorous look at the people you meet and places you see when you make the world's longest train trip even longer with a detour through Mongolia...and wind up tent-hopping at Oktoberfest getting out-partied by a sprightly octogenarian.

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